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Some Thoughts about my Wife on her Birthday

June 27, 2014


On June 29th, we will celebrate the anniversary of Cari bursting on the scene. As a precocious child, she quickly set about letting all of us know exactly what we were in for with her very first word – “Pepperoni!” Four syllables, Italian (wow foreign language), an ‘R’ for goodness sake! You can just see […]

A Star is Born. Then Shot. (Part 2) “I’m ready for my close up.”

July 10, 2012


The sun was mercifully sinking closer to the horizon. My lungs were scratchy from inhaling hay smoke all day. We had been shooting since early morning, and in spite of my tenacious effort, I hadn’t made front and center in any scene. I’d spent all day out there in the hot sun, and, by God, I […]

A Star is Born. Then Shot. (Part 1)

June 24, 2012


The ANZAC soldiers have big floppy hats that fall over their eyes leaving only their grimacing mouths in view. I shift my weight on the wooden planks of a horseshoe-shaped trench that gives me no avenue of escape. Even the moonless sky seals me in with backlit hay smoke. Ready! The men raise their five heavy […]

Season’s Greetings

November 7, 2011


From a country moving inexplicably toward a dictatorship like a slug, leaving behind a slimy trail of shattered lives unhidden from the rising sun on this lovely Sunday morning. İyi bayramlar! (Happy Holidays!) Recent events have made me feel like I need to step back and take stock of all the most important people and experiences I’ve […]

The Hamam: Heaven’s Torture Chamber

May 17, 2011


It’s a lazy Tuesday morning on Art Street and teaspoon clinks provide the treble to accompany the muffled bass of friendly conversations. This is the tranquil cafe soundtrack of my street. It’s my last day off before the workweek starts, and I’m clinging onto this morning with a white fisted grip. I just attempted to wash […]

Fast Food, Hot Led: or How to Score a Free Cherry Limeade

May 10, 2011


My evening class had finished, and I descended our five flights of spiral marble stairs with a pug safely tucked under my arm. Buddhist monks used to store pugs under their robes as portable heaters during meditations. Perhaps this is a reason for the ancient breed’s longevity. A pug is easily tucked. A drawback to […]


March 14, 2011


                        If you’ve ever ridden the bumper cars, then you are probably already familiar with the dynamics of driving in Istanbul. From what I can tell, you press the petal down all the way and keep it there for the next 10 feet until you are forced to slam on the brakes or hit […]