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Expat Cravings: Cherry Crumble

June 27, 2012


As I stated before in the Strawberry vinaigrette Dressing post, I’m going more seasonal.  And you may have noticed that cherries are heaped on carts and crates everywhere around town.  A ‘crumble’ is an extremely easy desert that you don’t need any tools to prepare and only a few ingredients.  However, I do recommend you find the […]

New Products in Istanbul: Prawn Crackers

June 27, 2012


I’ve started a new sub-genre:  New Imports/Products available in İstanbul! New imports have been trickling into İstanbul within these past couple of years.  Tubs of green, red, and yellow curry paste are now quite common in markets that stock international products.  A few years ago, I could only find small packs of red curry paste until Carrefour stopped […]

Expat Cravings: Strawberry Vinaigrette Dressing

June 24, 2012


Strawberry season has coincided with an incredibly rare event in our house:   Stephen wanted to cook dinner!  I just said yes; I didn’t ask what he wanted to cook.  I assumed his classic omelet or spaghetti since that’s the only thing he can make (with a lot of help).  However, he surprised me when he told […]

Expat Cravings: Pad Thai

February 27, 2012


In my opinion, the nation of Thailand and the ethnic group we call Thai are the most brilliant people in the world.  If you saw something like this hanging from a tree or laying on the ground, you’d probably just stomp on it for fun, spit on something, then continue your mindless existence because we […]

Expat Cravings: Curry Apple Chicken Salad

February 26, 2012


Stephen and I have been going to a new restaurant here in Kadıköy called Semolina frequently.!/semolinatr So frequently, that we have become good friends with Hülya and Fevzi who are not only the owners, but Hülya is also the chef.  We hit it off with them immediately over our appreciation of their new gem of a restaurant.  […]

Expat Cravings: Spicy Ranch Dressing

November 14, 2011


Turks don’t do sauce.  Unless you count mayonnaise, and I don’t.  As an American, moreover, as a former American waitress, I know how much we love sauce.  If you are a server in America, be prepared to fill millions of ramekins with two or three sauces for just one salad ‘cause I like to dip.  […]

Expat Cravings: Banana Bread Surprise

June 15, 2011


So yesterday, Stephen mentioned that he was hankerin’ for banana bread.  That’s the kind of stuff he says–hankerin’.  I’m a housewife tonight while Stephen is working.  Therefore, I have nothing better to do than attempt to make chocolate banana bread for my husband.  I’ve never made banana bread or any bread ever.   So we […]