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GEZI PARK: Drawing Trees in Istanbul

June 23, 2013


GEZI PARK: Drawing Trees in Istanbul. I was so excited when one of my favorite bloggers addressed the Gezi Park uprising in her latest post. I have so much respect and admiration for the art of Trici Nevola, and I have been following her writing and art for years. She captures the beauty of this […]

A Star is Born. Then Shot. (Part 1)

June 24, 2012


The ANZAC soldiers have big floppy hats that fall over their eyes leaving only their grimacing mouths in view. I shift my weight on the wooden planks of a horseshoe-shaped trench that gives me no avenue of escape. Even the moonless sky seals me in with backlit hay smoke. Ready! The men raise their five heavy […]

Graffiti Update

December 30, 2011


In my previous post on Graffiti in Istanbul, I wrote about the street art I’ve run across in Kadıköy and Beyoğlu. I gave the most daring and most interesting award to an artist in Beyoğlu who specialized in funny yellow fists in precarious places. I was not as pleased with the graffiti in Kadıköy. I believed I […]

…But is it Art? [repost]

December 30, 2011


***This post is from my old blogger site. You can see the latest graffiti post here: *** I was watching the streets one night from my balcony as I tend to do. Like the crotchety old man of the neighborhood, I keep a vigilant watch so long as the temperature is agreeable. I noticed too […]

City of the Blind (part 2)

November 26, 2011


Doubtful steps inch me across the room towards the wall my senses are telling me is there, but I never reach. Arms in a zombie stretch, I’m headed for my wife’s voice. I make it to the safety of my friends table at last, sit down next to Cari, and rest my arms on the […]