I am a middle school English teacher in Istanbul, Turkey. I’ve been living in this mega-city for about 4 years now. You can imagine that a city of around 14-16 million souls has more than it’s share of interesting occurrences. This blog is merely a creative outlet for myself serving to keep me occupied, out of trouble, and from annoying my wife too much. My wife and I have two pugs which our world pretty much revolves around. Walking her multiple times everyday means I spend a lot of my time on the sidewalks dodging cars. I try to focus my writing on the fascinating streets and hopefully useful advice for other ex-pats living here. My wife also is on a mission to cook the same foods in Turkey that she would cook back in America. This requires flexibility and adaptation. When she discovers new recipes to make the things she misses from back home, she shares them on this site. Please, leave comments and let me know about anything I may be missing out on here.

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  1. Seeing you walking around, pugli or pugsiz, my cool neighbors, makes me feel like I am in the biggest small town in the world..now that’s home cooking! Keep up the awesome work!


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