Some Thoughts about my Wife on her Birthday

Posted on June 27, 2014


On June 29th, we will celebrate the anniversary of Cari bursting on the scene. As a precocious child, she quickly set about letting all of us know exactly what we were in for with her very first word – “Pepperoni!” Four syllables, Italian (wow foreign language), an ‘R’ for goodness sake! You can just see the ambition. This one is going places.

My wife sets high standards for herself, others, and her surroundings. Her family took a very young Cari on an outing to a local state park in Tennessee. Radner Lake State Natural Area is lovely little nature preserve with a hiking trail in the heart of Nashville. However, Cari was obviously expecting much more- say a few lions, hyaenas, or squirrels-  because she indignantly exclaimed “Where’s all the NATURE?” And she hasn’t changed one bit. I am married to the only person I’ve ever met who went to Prague and said ‘Meh.’ She was there for seven days and described it to me as “Too communist” and said, “The architecture wasn’t that great.”

Better step up your game Prague.

Where’s all the ARCHITECTURE?!

        Of course, I think she absolutely beautiful, and I love her and all that stuff. But more practically, she has made my life, like so many others, better. She has high standards, but that is because she sees the good and potential in people, even when most don’t see it in themselves. I know that If she weren’t in my life, I would be in a much sadder state. I would probably working in a shabby bar somewhere. I would be covered in tattoos because I have little self control. I would have a sleeve with badly inked depictions of my favorite foods: crawfish, shrimp, patty melts, etc. I would probably be really good at something useless like pool. Only pool is way too cool. ‘Watch out for him. He’s a poolshark.’ Uh uh. More like snooker. ‘Don’t play with him. He’s a snooker expert.’ And they wouldn’t call us sharks, but something that sounded way lamer. Snookerbears. I can see it now. ‘Wait a second! You’re a little snookerbear, aren’t ya? Why I oughta…’ Then he takes my snooker stick and breaks it across his knee. The embarrassing CRACK! would be followed by snickers and fist-bumps as I slink back behind the bar and fry up a patty melt. Extra cheese this time to make the pain go away. But, I digress.

What I want to say is that Cari is a wonderful person to be around and have in your life. She pushes you to laugh a little more and achieve more than you thought possible. I’ve seen her do this for so many people. Of course, her self-confidence can intimidate many people what would rather wallow in their own self-pity and the misfortune of others. From what I have seen, it is especially challenging being a chick. I don’t believe I’m being sexist when I say that the movie Mean Girls is less of a satire and more of a documentary.

Cari really has a kind of charisma that can surprise you. When I go to a party, my first move is to find a seat in a corner and hope people only ask me yes/no questions. Cari, on the other hand, will have everyone singing and dancing by the end of the night, guaranteed.  She has a beautiful singing voice and people will often ask her to sing. I will play along on the guitar, but this is way too pedestrian for Cari. Pepperoni! Pretty soon she is makeing up a song about various people at the party and everyone is cracking up. She is weirdly good at this. But she doesn’t stop there. Many people will find that she has pulled them into ad libbing right along with her. Who does this?

So that is Cari. She is a giver surrounded by takers. She is a charismatic, confident, and talented woman surrounded by a bunch of shoegazers. These are just a few of the reasons I love her.

So, Happy Birthday Cari. I’m glad you have taken me along on this exciting ride with you. Thanks for coming into this world. You were just what we needed.

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