Expat Cravings: Cherry Crumble

Posted on June 27, 2012


As I stated before in the Strawberry vinaigrette Dressing post, I’m going more seasonal.  And you may have noticed that cherries are heaped on carts and crates everywhere around town.  A ‘crumble’ is an extremely easy desert that you don’t need any tools to prepare and only a few ingredients.  However, I do recommend you find the small clay guveç earthenware for individual servings.  They are glazed on the inside so nothing sticks and they cook very quickly.  You never know where these things will pop up.  Sometimes you’ll see them at Migros, sometimes a guy will wheel a cart-full by, and I found mine at a health store.  Of course, you can always just use a small casserole dish.

You will need a half kilo of cherries for two servings.  Some manavs have a couple different varieties of sweet and sour, so try before you buy.  For this simple dessert, I prefer sour cherries because you will be adding a little sugar into the cherries and the crust.

First, cut the cherry meat off the pit.  If you have a cherry-pitter, that’s awesome, but you must have brought it back from America to Turkey expecting to be eating a lot of cherries which is weird of you.  When you have evenly piled all of your cherries into your individual earthenware guveç pots, put a Tbsp of sugar into each pot and stir it in.  That’s it for preparing the cherries, now to make the crumbly crust:

You will need brown sugar, softened butter, and flour.  That’s it.  I’m not going to give you exact measurements because you don’t need it.  Just take whatever you might describe as a hunk of butter and put it in a bowl.  Then, add about 2 tbsp of brown sugar to the butter.  Finally, add about 3/4 cup of flour and stir gently.  You want it to be very crumbly, so don’t mush it all together.  If it’s too soft, add more flour.  If it’s too floury, add more butter. Pour the crumble on top of the cherries.

We have a miniature oven which is typical in Turkey. I preheat it to 200 degrees, and it will cook for approximately 25 minutes. For a full size oven, this would translate to about 400 degrees. Take it out when you see the crust has browned slightly and the cherry juice is bubbling. And of course, it is best served a la mode.