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Expat Cravings: Pad Thai

February 27, 2012


In my opinion, the nation of Thailand and the ethnic group we call Thai are the most brilliant people in the world.  If you saw something like this hanging from a tree or laying on the ground, you’d probably just stomp on it for fun, spit on something, then continue your mindless existence because we […]

Expat Cravings: Curry Apple Chicken Salad

February 26, 2012


Stephen and I have been going to a new restaurant here in Kadıköy called Semolina frequently.!/semolinatr So frequently, that we have become good friends with Hülya and Fevzi who are not only the owners, but Hülya is also the chef.  We hit it off with them immediately over our appreciation of their new gem of a restaurant.  […]

A Frozen Sea

February 18, 2012


While walking around the Odessa’s farmer’s market near the central train station, the only thing keeping my fingers alive was the scalding hot plastic cup of green tea in my hands. My friend Joey translated all of the friendly greetings and sweet concerns of the vendors, “Where are you from?…You are living in Istanbul?…He doesn’t […]

The Banya

February 11, 2012


I arrived in Odessa just as the cold snap was taking Europe by surprise. It was too early to tell just how severe it would become.  The saddening death tolls had just started to amass and weren’t reported yet. Just a week before I arrived, my host Joey walked to work in only a button up […]

Odessa: The Smile of God

February 4, 2012


My Turkish Airline flight landed in what appeared to be a field adjacent to a small bus terminal. A Siberian wind shot through multiple layers of clothing as I exited the plane down the steps and onto the tarmac. A bus took the other passengers and I over to the bus terminal which I then realized […]