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City of the Blind (part 2)

November 26, 2011


Doubtful steps inch me across the room towards the wall my senses are telling me is there, but I never reach. Arms in a zombie stretch, I’m headed for my wife’s voice. I make it to the safety of my friends table at last, sit down next to Cari, and rest my arms on the […]

Expat Cravings: Spicy Ranch Dressing

November 14, 2011


Turks don’t do sauce.  Unless you count mayonnaise, and I don’t.  As an American, moreover, as a former American waitress, I know how much we love sauce.  If you are a server in America, be prepared to fill millions of ramekins with two or three sauces for just one salad ‘cause I like to dip.  […]

City of the Blind (part 1)

November 12, 2011


Cold winds sweep through the streets up all sides of the hill to crash and then mix at the top. Sea breezes and car fumes, mainly car fumes, swirl around a large statue of a bull guarding his turf here on the median. This is Altiyol (Six ways), and the bull is a handy meeting […]

Season’s Greetings

November 7, 2011


From a country moving inexplicably toward a dictatorship like a slug, leaving behind a slimy trail of shattered lives unhidden from the rising sun on this lovely Sunday morning. İyi bayramlar! (Happy Holidays!) Recent events have made me feel like I need to step back and take stock of all the most important people and experiences I’ve […]