Expat Cravings: SONIC’s Cherry Limeade

Posted on May 12, 2011


Its the small things that often leave the biggest holes in an expat’s  soul. The cherry limeade is a paragon of fast food/soda shop Americana. If you can’t wait until the next time you are back in the States, why not fulfill that longing and try to make one at home? Here is our largely successful attempt to recreate the cherry limeade magic in our Turkish kitchen.

We adapted a wonderful recipe from this food blog: http://recipes.calputer.com/sonic-cherry-limeade-recipe.html 

Here are the elements that went into our limeades. Notice the absence of maraschino cherries. They couldn’t be found in time. If anyone knows where to find some please let us know.

Limes can be found in Istanbul but are not common. If there are any Turks trying this recipe out, please note: Limes are NOT Limons. They are two very different things and should not be substituted for each other.

Place ice-cubes in a towel and pound.



We used cherry/grape juice, but also cherry-flavored Sırma brand soda.

Add the Sprite and insert the lime. 

Most importantly: Enjoy 

Well that’s that. Have you recreated any cravings while abroad? Please, help us all out and share your successes.