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Expat Cravings: Guacamole

May 31, 2011


I’m happy to announce that red onions are now available once again in Istanbul. About a month ago, I got a hankerin’ for guacamole, so I went looking for red onions. (In my guacamole, I must have red onions.) Now, red onions are normally evasive, but this time I could not find them anywhere. I […]

Expat Cravings: Cari’s Deviled Eggs

May 23, 2011


As an expat you are limited by availability of ingredients in your new country. The general problems in Turkey are traffic, old women cutting in line, and the lack of black beans, sweet potatoes, cans of Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup, and cilantro. Thus, it is very difficult to cook many things in your former […]

Choosing Your Religion: Football in Istanbul

May 23, 2011


Pressed against each other, billowing out of pubs and meyhanes into the streets, even those who can’t see the TV screens are watching the championship match in the faces of those who can. The last minutes are ticking away, and men, women, and children and holding their breath as Fenerbahçe holds onto their one point […]

My Side of the Hamam

May 17, 2011


My name is Cari.  I’ve been mentioned before.  I was featured in the cherry limeade tutorial photos.  Recently, Stephen wrote a blog entry about our hamam experiences in Turkey.  Today was our 3rd visit to the hamam due to the water being turned off in the general Kadıköy area.  Stephen mentioned that there is some […]

The Hamam: Heaven’s Torture Chamber

May 17, 2011


It’s a lazy Tuesday morning on Art Street and teaspoon clinks provide the treble to accompany the muffled bass of friendly conversations. This is the tranquil cafe soundtrack of my street. It’s my last day off before the workweek starts, and I’m clinging onto this morning with a white fisted grip. I just attempted to wash […]

Expat Cravings: SONIC’s Cherry Limeade

May 12, 2011


Its the small things that often leave the biggest holes in an expat’s  soul. The cherry limeade is a paragon of fast food/soda shop Americana. If you can’t wait until the next time you are back in the States, why not fulfill that longing and try to make one at home? Here is our largely successful […]

Fast Food, Hot Led: or How to Score a Free Cherry Limeade

May 10, 2011


My evening class had finished, and I descended our five flights of spiral marble stairs with a pug safely tucked under my arm. Buddhist monks used to store pugs under their robes as portable heaters during meditations. Perhaps this is a reason for the ancient breed’s longevity. A pug is easily tucked. A drawback to […]