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Death of a Chili’s

March 24, 2011


                        When you live in a mega city of around 14 million souls, the humanity can sometimes swell up and choke you. This usually happens for my wife and I about once every three or four months, and when it does, we go to Chili’s. All those who have lived for a period of […]


March 14, 2011


                        If you’ve ever ridden the bumper cars, then you are probably already familiar with the dynamics of driving in Istanbul. From what I can tell, you press the petal down all the way and keep it there for the next 10 feet until you are forced to slam on the brakes or hit […]

Edirne: Land O’ Liver

March 7, 2011


  When the weather gets cold, what’s better than fried liver and dried peppers? That’s exactly the kind of logic that drove my wife, our roommate Joey, Ömer, and me to hop on a bus from Istanbul and head northwest to Edirne right on the Greek and Bulgarian border. As I write this post, the wind is […]